One-day trips on the Wda River


We offer canoeing trips on the beautiful rivers Wda and Brda.

Discover Pomerania, Kociewie, Bory Tucholskie and Kashubia with us.


We organize canoeing trips lasting several hours, weekend and several days. In addition to our permanent and iconic river sections, we are able to deliver kayaks or canoes to many places for the start of the canoeing trip and then pick up from the agreed end of your canoeing trip. Tourists who are uncertain of their abilities will be helped to choose the right river section. We will adjust the canoeing trip to your skills and expectations. Close to us on the rivers: Wda, Brda, Wierzyca, Niechwaszcz, and Wda canal, so if you choose a one-day trip, it is best to follow these routes. For two-day, weekend and multi-day trips, we also take our canoes to the harbours of such rivers as: Słupia, Łupawa, Wisła from Toruń to Gdańsk. We know them well, so we know which rivers and which sections are good for family canoeing, and which will provide attractions even for advanced canoeists

We also organize kayaking trips for groups. If necessary, these are trips with instructors: company kayaking, integration and school kayaking.

Kayaking routes – Wda River

The Wda is a river that is the left tributary of the Vistula. It flows into the Vistula behind Świecie, and the springs of the Wda River are located near Lake Wieckie, near Bytów. The Wda River, otherwise known as Czarna Woda. Exactly like the name of our town, where we come from and where our kayak rental is located. The Wda River has a second class of water purity. It is a lowland-forest river. Wda – Czarna Woda flows through the Kashubian Lake District, the beautiful and unique Tuchola Plain (Bory Tucholskie) and the Świecie Upland. Due to the charming landscapes that extend along the rafting route, this river is considered one of the most beautiful lowland rivers in Poland. Numerous meanders among forests mean that even the most demanding canoeing enthusiasts will find here ideal conditions to relax and to enjoy several days of tourism. On the Wda River, despite significant fluctuations, there is never too low a level of the water, which even during the dry season makes canoeists have excellent conditions for their passion.



Klonowice – Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja)

For beginners and busy people

Klonowice – Czarna Woda. The shortest two-hour canoeing trip down the Wda River to our campsite and rental service for beginner canoeists or those who have little time. This section of the canoeing route is also suitable as an alternative in bad weather. On the route of this canoeing trip there is a beautiful forest valley, a short but interesting industrial left bank in Czarna Woda, well-kept allotment gardens and 2 large bridges over the Wda river: railway and road bridge, where the river always accelerates. Further away from the canoe you can see: on the left bank, the so-called “Stara Czarna Woda” i.e. sequence of detached houses situated along the Wda river valley, on the right bank of the Złe Mięso and Jastrzębie. Finally, at the level of the village of Jastrzębie, on the left bank, there is our campsite and Kayak rental Hydrostacja.



2 hours


10 km


Miedzno – Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja)

A classic – a canoeing trip of medium difficulty

A one-day canoeing trip on a very diversified section of the river: Miedzno – Wojtal – Czarna Woda. This stage along the Wda River is recommended for weekend family canoeing trips. Starting in the village of Miedzno guarantees great diversity also for canoeists planning one-day trips down the Wda River. First, the rural climate, then the charm of the beautiful backwaters of the Wda River in front of the village of Wojtal in the typical surroundings of a mature pine forest and an atmosphere as from a fairy tale called “Bory Tucholskie”. One easy portage for canoeists to move in Wojtal and an opportunity to stock up at a bar or fish shop on the right river side. WARNING! Note that 200 m behind the portage you have to swim under a very low bridge. Since the current is fast here, it is necessary to prepare for it beforehand, i.e. very slow down and sit at the bottom of the canoe or kayak. Then the Wda River meanders through a beautiful forest, where canoes move quietly to the village of Czarna Woda. From the road bridge on the national road No. 22 Starogard Gdański – Chojnice, your canoeing trip should continue for about 35-40 minutes. On the right bank of the Wda River, you pass the villages of Złe Mięso and Jastrzębie. The finish line of the rafting is a kayak rental and a campsite called Kajaki Hydrostacja situated on the left bank. This beautifully located campsite is located at the very end of the village. It’s is still Czarna Woda (Black Water)



3.5 – 4 hours


18 km


Bąk – Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja)

Our longest classic for a day trip. River rafting in a canoe for canoeists who want to spend at least half a day on the water.

This is the longest classic, very often chosen section of the river. From Bąk to Wojtal the river cuts a valley in sandy meanders overgrown with pine forests. On the way to Wojtal, there is the Miedzno campsite on the left bank and the Kamienne Kręgi Reserve on the right bank of the river. From the Kamienne Kręgi Reserve in Odry to Wojtal, the canoes flow on a beautiful mid-forest pool, which was created by a dam on the Wda River in the village of Wojtal. There is only one obligatory relocation in Wojtal. A description of the route from Wojtal to our base in Czarna Woda can be found above. Continuing the canoeing trip you will pass the villages of Wojtal, Wieck, Klonowice, the town of Czarna Woda, the village of Złe Mięso and on the right bank of the Jastrzębie River.




5 – 6 hours


23 km


Górskie Mosty k. wsi Borsk – Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja)

Rafting for the whole day for connoisseurs and conscious kayakers

The canoeing trip begins in the Wda oxbow lake. Crystal clear water, fast current, shallow stony meanders, pine and alder forest are the characteristic features of this section. For about 2 km, then the river gets a little deeper and the bottom is sandy. In such a beautiful scenery, you will continue your trip to camps in the village of Miedzno. For a description and a map of the route Miedzno – Czarna Woda see above. Continuing the canoeing trip, you will pass the villages of: Odry, Wojtal (map and route description above), Wieck, Klonowice (map and route description above), the town of Czarna Woda, the village of Złe Mięso and on the right bank of the Jastrzębie river.



7.5 hours


26.5 km


Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja) – Czarne

A short canoeing trip from our base in Czarna Woda down the river. For everyone – especially beginners and busy people who sit in the canoe once every few years.

The easiest, calm and lazy stretch for canoeing even with small children. An interesting, short river section from our marina for beginners or those who have little time. It is also suitable as an alternative in bad weather and canoeing with small children for the first time, because you can finish even faster: Klaniny 4 km from the marina, Czubek 9 km from us. Along the way a beautiful forest valley and small settlements. The end of the rafting trip on the left bank behind the concrete bridge with yellow barriers at the Czarne campsite. This is the third bridge, counting from our rental company, where a car will pass.



2.5 hours


11 km


Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja) – Młyńsk

Our average classic from the marina down the river. For those who are not afraid to end the trip “in the middle of nowhere” with higher travel costs to this difficult destination.

An interesting, medium stage by the river from our marina for everyone, but with a rather difficult bank to get off. It is suitable as an alternative in bad weather, because canoeing trips can be finished faster – in the settlement of Bąk at 9 km or in Czarne 11 km from us. Along the way there is a beautiful forest valley of the Wda River and small settlements. Below the village of Czarne there are beautiful riverside, wet meadows. No more rafting on the left bank on one of these lovely meadows. We pull out the canoes right in front of a large, completely wooden bridge. It is an uncomfortable and high bank for both disembarking and hauling the kayaks onto a trailer.



Three hours


15 km


Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja) – Osowo Leśne

Attractive canoeing trip for all canoeists. It is a classic with a start from our marina.

Very often chosen at the weekend. The landscape is a lovely fertile meadow in the river valley with fragments of pine forests and alder predominance on the river banks. Enormous areas of shallow and sandy bottom begin on the way in front of Czubek, encouraging to play and swim. In Czubek, a modest forest field on the right in front of and on the left behind the bridge. In Czarny, behind the bridge, there is a campsite with shelters, fireplaces, gastronomy and a great place for swimming. It is like a jacuzzi in there. Further on , the canoeing trip leads under a high wooden bridge – this is Młyńsk. Rather, do not end your rafting trip here. The high shore, difficult to get out, and the difficult access, rather encourage you to row another 30-40 minutes. Look out for waterfowl and fish visible against the white sandy river bottom. You will reach a large concrete bridge near the village of Osowo Leśne by canoe, where the monument to Pope John Paul II is located. The canoeing trip ends before the bridge on the left bank.



4-5 hours


21 km


Czarna Woda (Hydrostacja) – Młynki Leśniczówka

A long canoeing trip. Only for persistent canoeists and conscious tourists or for those who like real challenges

The route only for the persistent. Really worth it ! If you paddle constantly on a shallow river, just like the Wda in this part, you can cover about 5km / h. Behind Osowo Leśne, wet meadows and the wonderful shallow and sandy bottom of the river that invite you to enter are dominant. After approx. 3 km, the forest approaches the river again and charms us with its wealth and peace. The canoeing trip ends at Leśniczówka Młynki on the right behind the bridge. Description of the Czarna Woda(Black Water)- Osowo Leśne stage above.



6-8 hours


28 km


Rzeka Wda. Wdecki młyn – Błędno

An attractive canoeing trip for those involved.

One of the stages of a several-day canoeing trip, in fact a canoeing trip to a few settlements. Start at the dam on the river called Wdecki Młyn, finish at the Błędno forest campsite. The degree of difficulty is moderate only because of the length of the trip. Take a look. It was about 6 hours of swimming.



6-7 hours


26 km


Rzeka Wda. Spływ Kajakowy Osowo Leśne – Wdecki Młyn

A long one-day canoeing trip.

One-day rafting stage. The Wda River in summer. The Osowo Leśne route in the area of Mały Bukowiec, through the village of Wda to the Wdecki Młyn campsite. The first part is rich in wet riverside meadows and pastures. More forest from Młynek. A whole episode away from civilization. In the river, the water is wonderfully clean, clear and full of fish.



5-6 hours


21.6 km


River BRDA Rytel – Woziwoda


A beautiful place in the forest on the Brda River. This is where the canoeing trips down the beautiful river start. It is here in August 2017 that a storm destroyed huge forest areas. The river in this section is fast, rich in water and very meandering. Canoeists have a very interesting section to cover to Woziwoda.



5 – 6 hours


21.6 km



Price list for renting canoes for a one-day, two-day or three-day trip – Wda, Brda, Wierzyca rivers.



over 3 days 5% discount

over 6 days 10% discount

over 9 days 20% discount


Prices Monday – Friday


Weekends (excluding June 3-6 and August 13-15, 2021)


Long weekends June 3-6 and August 13-15, 2021


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Use the calculator to find out the estimated cost of the trip


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Questions zone


Which kayak should you choose based on the length of the trip?


For a one-day canoeing trip, a STANDARD version without a luggage compartment is usually sufficient. However, if you want to hide something in the chamber and not keep it in the cockpit for fear of losing it, consider the DE LUX version with the chamber. We meet your expectations and we offer such canoes. We also have 100% sealed canoe bags, where you can hide dry items, keys, documents for 5 PLN a day 


The weekend rafting can still take place in canoes in the STANDARD VERSION if you want to save a little or if you plan the end of the first and the beginning of the second stage of the rafting and overnight stay in our base. Then cars with luggage can stay in our car park, and you will canoe for two days "lightly", i.e. without luggage.


A multi-day trip or if you are going for a trip with  your luggage, we recommend our DE LUX canoes with a chamber and full rigging on board. The chamber will  be closed, and you will not worry about anything, you can carry light luggage on board, such as a map holder, sleeping mats, canoe sack with a sleeping bag etc.

What equipment should  be chosen for its participants?

Canoeing with a group of friends and acquaintances. Usually, a double kayak is chosen, because most often canoeists agree that they go in pairs. If there is an odd number of participants, we can choose a single kayak, which is as fast and stable as a double kayak.

Family canoeing trip requires a different approach. If you have a child from 6 to 7 years old, you usually want to have them close to you. This is where we offer a 3-person kayak. If you have an older child or two children up to 12 years old, a convenient and economical choice for a joint canoeing trip will be a family, extremely spacious and stable canoe for 3 - 4 people. Our customers who have tried family canoeing usually do not want to change it anymore.

Another solution for a family of 3 is a set: single kayak + double kayak.

A single kayak  is for almost everyone. We have many clients, acquaintances and friends who think that  if you canoe you can only make one-person kayak trip.




What to take with you for a one-day kayaking trip?

  • Clothes for disguise, because you never know when it will be needed. Protect it from getting wet and remember that a rubbish bag doesn't get the job done - it's a poor relic.
  • Rain jacket - everyone has in the wardrobe
  • baseball cap - helps in heat and rainfall
  • drinking water and food on hand in the canoe
  • canoeing waterproof bags for things, documents, phones ...
  • Appropriate footwear in which you will not be afraid to enter the water. Do not enter the water barefoot due to shells, sharp sticks and sometimes litter left by others in the water and on camping sites
  • Sunglasses
  • secured mobile phone

How to canoe ?

  • Before you leave, make sure you do not drown and arrange things in the kayak so that the greater weight is at the back. Then the kayak goes straight. If you disrupt this system, don't be surprised that you turn right and left once.
  • A heavier and more physically fit person should sit in the back of the kayak.
  • The size of the safety vest should be selected accordingly. We have life jackets for children from 3 years of age and life vest in all sizes. Do not treat the vest as a bottom pillow. Our kayaks have extremely comfortable seats, and the vests have buckles and adjustable straps, so they won't improve your sitting comfort.
  • Get in and out of the kayak in the water, not on the shore. Getting on the shore = disturbed balance, which often ends with an overturning at the beginning of the trip.
  • Always keep a close eye on obstacles such as branches and stones in the river bed or as bridges. These are the  places where overturns are more common.
  • Always sit calmly, straight in the kayak and do not make any sudden sideways movementshen passing under obstacles (fallen trees, bridges), do not lean sideways. It is best to lie down in the kayak or lean forward and sit on its bottom of the canoe.
  • Whenen passing under obstacles (fallen trees, bridges), do not lean sideways. It is best to lie down in the kayak or lean forward and sit on its bottom of the canoe.
  • It is forbidden to canoe under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants
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